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Livery Options 

We have a range of livery options from Full livery, part DIY, DIY and holiday livery if you are going away and want your horse looked after we can help you.

If you are going away on holiday or looking for a holiday in Cornwall and want your horse to have a holiday too, we have the room to help. 

All Livery options are charged on a daily bases per month 28 30 or 31 days in advance or a set price for holiday livery.

If you use extra services these are charged for at the end of the month by invoice which will be include the next month Livery.

Full Livery


Full livery is the option for you if you cant get to see your horse every day and wish your horse to have the best care 24/7 

We have a team of trained staff that will look after all your horses needs. 

Part DIY Livery

This is an option if you wish us to bring your horse in at the end of the day or take it out in the mornings ideal if you work shifts we can also skip out, feed and exercise, extra cost per item its up to you.

DIY Livery


Is the option that gives you full control over every aspect of your day to day horses care. We have a washdown, solerium and walker at the yard which are available at a small extra cost to enhance your horse keeping experience.

Holiday and Short stay Livery


If you are going away and want your horse to have a holiday too give us a call and we can arrange a short stay livery to met your requirments.

Coming to Cornwall for a Holiday and wanting to bring your horse with you? We have a holiday livery option for you where you can even have riding lessons.

We are just on the edge of Bodmin moor and have access to a large range of off road riding.

There are local pubs, camp sites and hotels for you to stay at.

If you have a tent or camper we have a small area you may be able to book just give us a call and we will see what we can do.



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