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Is full of historic and natural beauty from old mine workings to farm shops and pubs its all here to explore and enjoy.

See the sheep, cattle and horses roaming freely over this beautiful landscape, stand on the top of the hill and look at the views to Plymouth and out to the sea at Looe.

The area around Caradon Hill Liskeard

TREVALLICK'S Farm Shop Is the website for the farm shop and Tea Room on site at Caradon Hill trekking and equestrian centre.

They serve cream teas and lovely home made cake as well as great breakfasts and lunches so if your waiting for your loved ones to come back from their ride or lesson why not treat yourself, or after your ride make a day of it.

Contact info:- 01579 3664061

Email:   ( Click on image for website )

Wheal Tor hotel . Is the website for the Wheal Tor pub and hotel just over on the moor.

It has a range of rooms and Hobbet houses to stay in plus a bar, resteraunt and sauna which is the ideal way to relax after a long ride over the moor.

Contact info:- Tel 01579363401

Email:   ( Click on image for website )

Caradon Hill Mining heratage


There has been mining on and around Caradon Hill for hunderds of years, first for small surface outcrops of tin and copper in the middle ages and then in the 1800s larger and deeper mines were sunk for the large copper loads at south Caradon, shortly after the mines started it was found that a railway would be needed to transport the mine goods to and the ore from the mines down to Liskeard and on to Looe to be shipped for smelting and because the railway was there the opertunity opend for the quaring of the granett at the Cheesewring and Gold diggings.

A good website for more information is:- www.

( Click on image for website )


Minions and Cheesewring is the website for the Cheesewring Pub and hotel which is situated in Minions, it is on route to the ancient monuments we pass on our long Trek, at Minoins itself there is a range of B&B accomodation as well as a small shop and Tea rooms.

Contact info:- 01579 362321

For more information on the ancient monument in the area go to .It also has links for places to stay.

( Click on image for website )

Recommended places to stay.

Cheesewring Farm 



PL14 5LJ

Tel: 01579 62200

Mob: 07836294296


Recommended places to stay.

Henwood Barns

Meadow Barn

Henwood Barns


PL14 5BP

Tel: 01579 363576

Mob: 07854287229


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