I'm Blake
I'm Jasper

Hello I'm Jasper, I'm an Irish Draught cross breed. I have competed in dressage, cross country and showjumping and have excelled in all aspects. I can help train you to jump as will happily jump up to 3 foot and will go over anything in front of me. I'm a real confidence giver and will look after all my riders.

Hello I'm Blake, I'm a gypsy cob, full of energy and am a cheeky little chap. I can help teach a variety of riders from beginners to experianced as I can plod if I need to or go really fast. I have competed mainly in showjumping so can help you learn to jump the very basics or big 3 foot fences.  

Hello I'm George, I'm a Welsh cross bred. I have come along way since being here as I used to be really head shy and wouldn't be caught. I have since been having lessons with my mum and have learnt to jump and slow down a bit. Unfortunatly I cant take complete beginners as am still a bit quick but if you are a confident quiet rider I can help take you for a good canter on the moors.

Hello I'm Bentley, I'm a pure Suffolk Punch and was bred by the Allerton Family so have been at the centre all my life. I have taken to having people on my back like a fish to water and am a very sturdy horse to ride. Because I'm that bit bigger I can have slightly heavier riders. Unfortunatley you wont be able to have a lesson on me yet as I havent had much schooling but you maybe able to ride me on a trek.

I'm George
I'm Bentley

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Take a look at our beautiful horses, we have several different shapes, ages and sizes and can cater for all rider abilities. We have a weight limit of 17 stone.

I'm Ted
I'm Troy
I'm Hawk
I'm Jimmy

Hello I'm Troy, I've been at the centre for a few years and love living out all year round. This lifestyle suits me better as I can be a bit grumpy when in a stable. I can take complete novices to experienced riders across the moors. I love to jump but have a very big and bold jump so if you are looking for a lesson I can only take experience jumpers as I wouldn't want to lose anyone. I have lovely floating paces and can teach novice riders to canter.

Hello I'm Ted and I'm a Welsh cross breed. I have been at the centre for a few years now and have learnt a lot since I have been here. Before coming to the centre I never really did much riding and was a very good lawn mower, since being here I have learnt to stand still at the block to let my riders on and I have learnt to go at the front of the ride and be very brave. I can now take very beginners to experience riders and love to be fussed and kissed. 

Hello I'm Jimmy, I'm an Irish Cob and have been at the centre for 8 years. I'm an old school master and have taught hundreds of people over the years. I originally came from a college and was used to teach every type of rider, I came to the centre for a quieter life and to enjoy going for nice quiet rides over  the moors. I love to give people kisses for treats so pucker up and come and visit.

Hello I'm Hawk, I'm a friesian cross and have lived at the centre for 18 years. I was a christmas present for Claire and we have grown up together ever since, I wasn't easy to start with and Claire could never stay on me but over the years she has taught me to behave and I can now take very beginners and have taught many people to jump and ride over the years. I am now 25 years old but still going strong.

I'm Bessy

Hello, my name is Bessy. I'm only a youngster but take everything in my stride. I will quiet happy pop around a little show jump course and take you for a nice smooth canter on the moor. I am suitable for all types of rider and a very sweet girl.

I'm Amber

Hello I'm Amber, I'm a suffolk punch and mum to Bentley. I'm a big softy but sadly cant be ridden as I'm not to keen on having people on my back. You will still see me around the yard as I love to be pampered and fussed. If your lucky you may come at the right time of year to see one of my new babies.

I'm Kia
I'm Hannah

Hello I'm Kia, I'm a 13hh pony so enjoy being pampered by lots of children. You will see me being used for the pony days or going out for a trek with the smaller cildren. I am every little girls dream and love lots of attention. 

Hello I'm Hannah, I'm the baby of the group and still have a lot too learn. Because I'm so young I will be taking it slow for a while until I have filled out and have learnt a bit more. I'm a Suffolk Punch so am a rare breed. You'll have great fun with me when I'm a bit older but for now your welcome to come and have a slow ride.

I'm Monarch

Hello, I'm Monarch. I'm a cheeky little chap that loves attention. I'm a fab lead rein pony and look after all my riders but I also love to go for a good gallop across the moor. I'm an older pony so have been there and do it all and know all the tricks of the trade.

I'm Stevie

Hi I'm Stevie, I am a dartmoor cross shetland and am the smallest on the yard. Because I'm so small I can be used to look after all the tiny riders. You will see me doing all the tiny tot rides and Saturday clubs.

I'm Zola

Hello, I'm Zola. I am currently on loan to a little girl who loves me very much. We love to do lost of jumping together and to go really fast. You will see me being used for all the Saturday clubs and Tiny Tot rides as I love to stand in all day and be pampered. 

I'm Ben

Hello I'm Ben, I'm fairly new too the yard and haven't done a lot in my ridden career but I am very willing to learn. I am a 16.3hh Clydesdale and a big gentle giant with plenty of growing still left to do. I'm great if you fancy coming along for a plod but can also pick up a little bit of speed if I need to.   

I'm Patch
I'm Teddy

Hello, I'm Patch. I'm a little piebald mare with plenty of character. I am very cheeky on the yard and will always check everyones pockets for treats. I am only young so still have plenty to learn but I look after all my riders no matter what. I haven't done a lot of school work at the moment so you will see me mostly out on the moor.

Hello my name is Teddy Bear or Teddy for short. All the kids love me as I am a cheeky little chappy and great to fizz around on. I am only small but all the children have great fun playing with me and spoiling me with lots of treats.

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